The 2 Languages You Should Learn First

People are making use of different programming languages at this time. Earlier, there were limited programming languages. But these days a lot of changes have been brought in the programming languages. With the changes in the programming languages, the value of these programming languages has also increased. People try to learn different programming languages for a different purpose. As these programming languages are quite helpful in coding. Even the people who are not from the technical background are trying their hands on the programming languages.

Knowing a programming language is becoming a hobby these days, as many people enjoy coding. It also opens more career options for one. If you have ever heard of the popular sex dating platform meetnfuck app then you will be familiar with an example of entrepreneurs who built a business on the backs of their coding hobby. They started taking the idea of trading snapchat nudes and used their programming skills to develop a wildly popular sex app. Needless to say, there is plenty of unexcpected opportunity, but one needs to decide which programming languages they should learn first. Here, we are going to share with you the details about the 2 programming languages which are very popular these days. Also, learning these two will help you in your career as well, as they are very beneficial.

The two programming languages which we are talking about are Python and Java. Let’s know more about these two programming languages.


Python is one such programming language which is fun to learn. It is an easy programming language and many people prefer to learn Python first and then go for learning the other languages. It is always been said that if you are learning the programming languages for the first time, you should go for Python. People can understand the Python language easily because of being one of the simplest programming languages. In other programming languages, one may have to look for every single and small detail. But Python is more of the basic knowledge related to coding instead of the complicated programming codes. Many people feel that Python is quite a slow language because of its requirement for more testing. However, many web developers or aspiring web developers prefer to start with Python only.

Why choose Python to learn first?

Even after being considered as one of the slowest languages, Python has created its own space among the other programming languages. There are many reasons why Python should be learned first.

  • Simple and easy programming languages – One of the topmost reasons for learning Python first is because it is a very simple programming language. And this makes people learn it easily in comparison with the other programming languages. If you are new to the coding world, why to start with something complicated. Instead, you should start with something easy. And what makes Python an easy language is how it is interpreted and high-level programming language. One will not have to learn the complex syntax use while learning Python, instead, it is more of the English language. Like in other programming languages one may need many sentences for giving a simple command. But that can be done in Python in just one or two sentences only.
  • Big Data Processing – When it comes to big data processing, Python is a rescue. As it can handle a big amount of data easily. One can make use of Python language for Hadoop also, as it supports parallel computing. There are many libraries in Python which are used for processing big data like Dask, Pydoop, Pyspark, and many others.
  • For Scripting and Automation – Do not be surprised how Python can be used as a scripting language, as it is true. It is not just a programming language but it also works as a scripting language and helps in Automation. It helps in writing the codes in the form of scripts which are executed after that. Once the interpreting of the code and error checking is done, it can be used for automating different tasks.
  • Highly Paid – As Python is one of the popular programming languages, it is highly paid as well. The Python Engineers from all around the world have the highest salary in all over the world in comparison with other language programmers. This is also what attracts many people to learn Python.


Java is one of the oldest programming languages which is always in demand. This object-oriented programming language is used generally for heavy programming. It works on the ‘Write once, run anywhere’ formula. This means one can write the Java language on any device and it can work cross-platform. Java is not that easy like the Python, and this is one of the reasons why programmers are confused that which language they should learn among the two. You can start with Python and can then learn Java also, as both are highly popular languages.

Why choose Java for learning first?

If you are confused about whether to learn Java or not, then here are some of the reasons why you should choose Java.

  • Platform Independent – As we just mentioned above that Java is one such language that works on the formula of ‘Write once, run anywhere’, this has increased its popularity. You can use it on different platforms without any problem. The best example is that there are many applications of java which are built on Windows. But one can easily run them on the Linux Platform.
  • Mature Languages – Java is not a new programming language like the ones which are introduced just a few years back. It’s been more than 22 years now, that people are using Java. This makes it beneficial for new programmers. As any error which occurs in the Java Programming can be resolved easily. Or one can find the solution to it easily, as most of the questions related to Java programming languages and error related to it are already answered. You will find many online resources where you can read about the questions related to Java language.
  • Object-oriented programming language – The concept of this programming language is quite easier and are relatable as well because of being an object-oriented programming language. Java helps in promoting the right use of the Object-Oriented Programming design by bringing it into the best practice. It makes the Java language a flexible language and most extensible programming language.

What are the different programming languages?

The world of technology is changing rapidly with each passing day. Everyday new and trendier applications and devices are coming up in an already competitive market. This is the reason why developers have to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in programming languages. There are different types of programming languages each having its own distinct feature and function. As a beginner in programming language, it is highly recommended to understand the different aspects of programming languages.

What is computer programming language?

Computer programming language refers to a simple set of instructions that enables us to communicate with the computer. Similar to the diversity of human languages. There exist a wide array of computer languages. The computer understands binary language and it is the language that it uses to perform most of its operations. Compiling is the process through which language is converted into binary. All the languages from C, Java to python have their own distinctive features however, there exist some commonalities between the languages.

Types of languages


Python is one of the most popular object oriented programing language that is interpreted and built on flexible as well as semantics. It is an all in one programming language that has the ability to expand user interfaces, web apps, data analysis and much more. The main users of python language are big companies that evaluate vast data sets and provide users with a huge chance to learn about python programming. Major organizations like Google, NASA and Instagram make use of python language. It also has application in the technology, design and engineering industry.


Java is the most ideal general purpose, high level, object oriented programming language with features that make it handy for web developers. Presently, it is the top programming language that has grabbed the attention of Android operating systems. It can be used for mobile based applications, creating desktop applications, enterprise level purpose and establishing Android applications on smartphones and tablets. Java is used in different professions and industries like clod computing, Internet of things and enterprise architecture. It is also used in major organizations such as eBay, V2COM and Eurotech.


PHP or hypertext processor is a programming language that is designed for developing dynamic web pages that work very effectively with databases. It is an open source scripting language that can be used for general purpose programming language. PHP is used by software engineers, developers and by major organizations such as Facebook, NextGen and CyberCoders. Through the use of PHP one is able to enlarge their web application very quickly and effortlessly. It is the foundation of most content management systems such as wordpress.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby is yet another very popular open source programming language that is object oriented and can be used independently or as part of ruby framework. It is a very easy program to learn with a strong clear cut. In case you have limited time in hand and you still desire to craft your project make sure that you utilize ruby programming language. It is being used massively by developers, data science engineers and software engineers. Major organizations like NASA, Scribd, Google and Motorola make use of the programming language.


Hypertext markup language is a web development language that is used in the creation and development of web pages. The language ensures proper formatting of texts, images so as to ensure that the internet browser is able to display items the way they are intended. HTML is used by web developers, software engineers and email designers. Its application also extends to engineering, information technology and marketing. Major organizations like Apple, CareerBuilder and Apex systems make use of HTML programming language.

C, C++ and C#

It is the oldest programming language that makes use of basic programming language. It is used as the foundation of learning programming language where C++ and C# is more progressed than C. the programming language is ideal for developing mobile and desktop applications.


Swift is another trendiest programming language that is used for the development of Apple products. The language can be used for the development of apps such as iOS activated devices and Apple’s MAC.

The above mentioned programming languages are some of the best programs that are helping developers around the globe in developing complex applications and systems for industries, organizations and enterprises.

What is Computer Coding?

Recently it has been seen that people are getting more attracted towards the coding system. Yes, you heard it right. Nowadays it has been seen that people are taking interest in coding and looking forward to the career in it as well. But before getting onto anything you must know what is a computer coding?

When it comes to knowing about coding there are certain answers available for you.

Actually, computer coding is a set of instructions that have been provided to the computer to work efficiently as it has been required by the user. A computer is not a human being who will understand the normal language we guys are using. Therefore it is necessary to have a certain language available which will let it know about the requirement of the user and also let it fulfill it in the same manner.

Computer coding is increased because people are getting more indulge in computer services and also are looking forward to having a career in it.

In the process of coding all these languages that people are learning nowadays like C++, Java and other languages available are used. Every command that you are going to give to your computer will be recorded in the same manner as it has been saved in it or program can it by the mentioned languages.

Also, the reason being behind considering the computer coding is that for certain actions it is necessary to have certain instructions available. The same thing is done by the coding.

If you are looking forward to learning to code then you must get aware about few things. Such as:

  • You must know the institution you have chosen for coding is best for you or not.
  • You must get aware of the faculty available at the institution who will be going to teach about coding.
  • You must have an interest in languages as well. without interest, you will not learn anything about coding at all.
  • You must get sure about the duration they are asking for you to get a certain course completed.
  • You must look for a firm or a company that will further initiate you to learn more about it.
  • So you must do practice regularly.
  • You cannot learn to code in one day, therefore, you must be patient.

These are the few things that are necessary for you to know when you are going to know about computer coding and also you want to have a career in the same. Apart from everything, you must know that which I was the institution you are choosing is a certified one.

The reason being you cannot get your learning from an institution which is not a certified one because now those degrees as considered that are taken by you from the Institutions which are present in the eye of government as well. Just get clear about all the things and you are ready to have the career in the same and be the one as well. The skill of coding can qualify you for a lot of different jobs, but it can also open up your entrepreneurial options as well. Perhaps you would like to create some type of website or mobile app. It seems like every day there is a new adult dating app trying to become a backpage alternative. The possibilities really open up once you add this skillset to your arsenal.